“We want guys who love to play baseball. Look, talent is a given. But if you can mix that talent with a deep love of the game, that’s when you can build something special. There are a lot of smart people in baseball, and we’re just not going to outsmart them. And we don’t work harder than anyone else either. But we have to care more than anyone else. That’s our best chance. We have to care more.” 

KC Royals President, Dayton Moore.  


KCVG was formed in 1994 to acquire and redevelop multifamily assets. Our management affiliate, NRES Management, dates back to 1982 and managed over 15,000 units and 20 hotels on a national basis at its peak in the late 1980’s. This segued into a $500 million asset management contract with the RTC in the early 1990’s.  We are led by those same senior executives today.

At its inception, KCVG focused on value-add acquisitions and significant redevelopments. As this market became more competitive, KCVG began acquiring newer product in out of favor markets which took us to Texas where we enjoy a significant presence today. As our markets continued to evolve, we focused on institutional product with a value-add component and most recently, the acquisition of new developments during lease up. One of our keys to success has been recognizing relative market inefficiencies early.

KCVG initially capitalized its projects internally, then through institutional joint ventures and finally completed a roll-up of its assets and management company in conjunction with a significant investment from an institutional partner which we bought out in 2014.  

Today, our portfolio consists of over $1 Billion in gross assets in over 6,300 units.

Over the past 30 years, we have invested heavily in building out a sophisticated management platform. We recruit and retain the best people and utilize leading edge technology and systems to innovate and drive NOI growth. Our construction affiliate manages large scale redevelopments and supports the field with timely solutions.